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Damayan Club Sa Korea

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Reaching Out ! ! !

We humbly introduce this non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit organization.

We invite every Filipino in Korea to join this friendship club through which we will be able to strengthen mutual bonds and practice mutual assistance. Non-Filipino nationals are also welcome.

We hope to be an effective organization by improving and alleviating the lives of our fellows. We hope to promote the Philippine cultural heritage to Filipinos in Korea while reaching out to the Korean communities. We will also cooperate with other organizations in all matters pertaining to protecting human rights.

We hold meetings every 3rd Saturday of the month to consider our situation and plan future activities. Members are encouraged to promote friendship, unity, sense of belonging and oneness among fellow Club members. Members are expected to show respect and consideration to fellow members.

In order to preserve the good name of the organization, the harmony and unity of all members, the DCSK reserves the right to counsel any member who does not live up to the standards for which the organization stands for.

Damayan is a Filipino word that means 'to help each other.'

Section of curved building

We are presently raising funds for the DCSK office space

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