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Damayan Club Sa Korea

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Register As A Member

To be a part of this group, you must fill-in the membership form and pay the one-time membership fee which is 10,000 won. You will then be required to pay 15,000 won quarterly dues for two years. Upon membership, a member is entitled to receive a DCSK T-shirt, an identification card and a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws. Members are expected to support ALL fundraising activities and attend purposeful meetings as stated in the bylaws of the organization.

Be A Supporter

If you choose not to register as a member but you are still willing to support this organization, we thank you very much. You may support us by patronizing the Damayan products that are regularly sold at Tapdong cathedral, Dong Incheon, South Korea. You may also want to buy or sell the raffle draw tickets which will be drawn on November 5, 2006.

Other Ways To Reach Out With Us

There are innumerable ways to reach out to the Korean and Filipino communities not only in Korea but also to our dear homeland as well. We join campaigns for foreign women in korea, visit orphanages, send chosen high school students in the Philippines, etc. We have a lot of visions and humanitarian goals but without your understanding heart and generous hand, all these visions and goals will not be realised. You are welcome to donate or sponsor one of our projects.

For inquiries please email us

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